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Terminating Intels’s Contract: Like ABACHA, Like BUHARI

Biafra: The Rise And Fall of Nnamdi Kanu – Momodu

By Shaka Momodu

I watched some videos of Nnamdi Kanu inspecting a guard of honour formed by his Biafran Security Service and the Biafran National Guard in military uniform recently. It gave me the chills. As if that wasn’t bad enough, he hoisted the Biafran flag, flaunted a Biafran passport and a coat of arms, etc.

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Diversification of the Economy Must top Our National Agenda – Mascot Uzor Kalu

Many countries of the world are currently formulating policies that might ultimately affect Nigeria’s earning potential. Although, many ideas have put forward in a bid to diversify our economy; there has been little or no traction when it comes to actual implementation.

Biafra: Nig Army, Hell Bent on Carrying ‘Sinister Macabre Acts’ on Igbos (Photos)

By Sunday Chukwu

Firstly, it was the right call by parents to withdraw their wards from schools on basis of the desperate act by NA to move into schools and start injecting people with “vaccines”. Thumbs up.

How can a military of a supposed country dash into schools without prior notice and info. brandishing your tattered guns to immunize our kids? For what disease exactly? Monkeypox? Start from the North.

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Who signed the 1914 amalgamation of the Northern and Southern Regions of Nigeria?


Who signed the 1914 amalgamation of the Northern and Southern Regions of Nigeria?



Nnamdi Azikiwe was born in 1904 (was 10years old when the 1914 treaty was signed)
Obafemi Awolowo was born in 1909(was 5years old when the 1914 treaty was signed)
Abubakar Tafawa Balewa was born in 1912(was 2years old when it was signed)
Ahmadu Bello was born in 1910(was 4years old when it was signed)
Michael Okpara was born in 1920(the treaty has been signed 6years before he was born)

Who and who signed these papers in 1914 and called it AMALGAMATION of the Northern and Southern Regions, that we shall live together as one family without war, marginalization, conflict of interest and crisis? These nationalists I mentioned above were still sucking breasts at the time of this agreement.

You can’t mix Red Oil and Palm kernel Oil together to get a good result. You can’t play Jazz and Etigi or skelewu in the club house at the same time and expect a good dance. Is it that we are learning how to spell Democracy in our country or the teacher does not know how to teach?

Our problems started in 1914 because we don’t know who signed it and their names and their intentions for signing it. If the so called imperialist whites signed it in the midnight while we were sleeping, the cock has crown, we have brushed our teeth, and taken our bath. Our eyes have opened to look at the amalgamation treaty and do something about it. No Northerner can sleep with his eyes closed in the Southern part of Nigeria and no Southerner can do the same in the North. Inter-marriage is a taboo!

After 100 years, we are still importing toothpicks, going abroad for medical checkup, our lucrative cash crops have gone moribund, education for all by the year 2050, unemployment is a baptismal name for graduates, a police officer cannot boast of his work because of vestige of his salary, our Obasanjo Space Center and Satellite Office at Abuja can not trace the location of Sambisa Forest.

And I repeat, who and who signed the treaty and secondly, where is that treaty.

“Kalu is Right, IPOB Should Do a Rethink”

By: Eberekpe Ogho

AS much as I admire Kanu Nnamdi, if not for anything, at least reminding every one of us of the national truth we all have to deal with; the truth that is not only the yearning of Nigerians from the southeastern part of the country, but every member of this nationhood-if we can describe it as such, the truth about our general marginalisation, which is not the cry of the Igbos alone, I think IPOB got it all wrong in their attack on the former governor of Abia state.

“Ibe Kachukwu Is A Greedy Man”

By: Daniel Chukwuemeka

You were the executive vice president at Exxon Mobile. The President of your country appointed you the GMD of the country’s petroleum apex body. Later, he made you a minister of state for same petroleum ministry, and, to show he can’t trust you, arrogated the position of the main minister to himself.

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